Samsung explains Galaxy S5 display features

Samsung has taken to its official blog lately to offer insight on many of the features on its latest flagship phone, and now the company has decided to explain the accomplishments of the Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5′s display has already been proven to be among the best on the market – Samsung doesn’t exactly tell us anything new, but it goes into detail about how the S5′s display has better sunlight legibility, less glare, higher contrast and color levels than LCD display, and fast response times.

The blog post also highlights Samsung’s Adapt Display feature, which lets users optimize the screen colors and tone based on different scenarios, something that has often been the most handy tool for those looking for more natural colors from their displays. Head to the source link to read up on what makes the Galaxy S5 display tick and a better one than any of its predecessors.



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3 years 7 days ago

You’re telling me the “Adapt Display” feature actually makes the colors more natural? It didn’t seem like it was doing anything to me…

3 years 7 days ago

True but it provides more saturation & increase of brightness though! ;)