Opinion: Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the iPhone of the Android world

People love the iPhone. That’s pretty much a fact in this day and age, a time when countless consumers swear by Apple’s flagship phone and cannot think of using any other smartphone, with many making a habit of queuing up and camping outside Apple’s stores in their bid to get their hands on the newest iPhone before anyone else. Top-notch hardware quality, simplicity and ease of use, and just the wow feeling of owning an iDevice has made it one of the (if not the) most popular smartphones in the world, one that is revered by its users and often desired by those who, either because of the iPhone’s high cost or for some other reason, don’t currently have one.

Over in the Android world, only Samsung has managed to achieve the popularity, loyalty, and sales figures that Apple takes for granted, with the Galaxy S series of smartphones giving iPhones a run for their money each year. However, despite being the best-selling smartphone series in the Android world, I’ve never felt that the Galaxy S phones are as similar to the iPhone in terms of loyalty and consumer satisfaction as is the Galaxy Note series, which debuted way back in 2011 and is currently in its third iteration.

Why? Well, allow me to elaborate.

Being a tech nerd, I keep an eye on the entire mobile industry, get excited by new products no matter which company might have made them, and often go through reviews of each new flagship device and user comments on articles related to these flagships. The iPhone’s biggest accomplishment is that people who’ve used it for a certain time are just not willing to let go, often citing many different advantages (iOS, the impeccable build quality) as to why they would only use the iPhone and would upgrade only to an iPhone come what may.

And there, exactly, is where I’ve found the Galaxy Note series to have a similar level of fanboyism and loyalty, often in the reviews and user comments I always go through. Galaxy Note owners simply love their phablet, for a plethora of reasons. A beautiful big screen (in stark contrast to the tiny 4-inch screen on the iPhone) that lets them see more at once and enjoy strain-free video watching when on the go while being ergonomic and easy to handle, the S Pen stylus and related apps that let you jot down a note or doodle in your spare time with higher precision and accuracy than a finger would provide, great battery life, or functionality like Multi-Window that puts two apps on the screen at once – everything conspires to make a majority of Galaxy Note consumers fall in love.


The Galaxy S phones always sell more than any other device in the huge Samsung smartphone lineup, but it’s really the Galaxy Note devices that have spellbound people. The big display is no doubt a major part of the love people have for the Galaxy Note, and it goes to show just how right Samsung was when it decided to go against the norm and surprise the world with a phone so big, almost everyone in the tech industry laughed it off. Whether it be the productivity features or the great battery life, the Galaxy Note series has set a bar so high no other manufacturer has been able to match.

The iPhone is, whether some people like it or not, the undisputed king of the modern smartphone kingdom, an iconic device that will continue to attract millions of consumers in the years to come. When looking solely at Google’s mobile operating system, the constant glowing reviews, fan following, satisfaction, or the inability to go back to anything else after using it (properties exhibited by countless iPhone owners), I’ve come to realize: the Galaxy Note is the iPhone of the Android world, and it would take something really, really special from the competition (or from Samsung itself) to dethrone it.

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2 years 5 months ago

I still love my Galaxy Note 2 :)

2 years 11 months ago

i feel lost without my note.. <3

3 years 7 days ago

iPhones are still way over rated compared to either Galaxy S series (Galaxy has been a high end brand name since Galaxy Men’s suits of the 80′s and Piers Brosnan 007 as spokesmodel) or the Galaxy Note. Apple has always been the opium of Hollywood, Elitists, Religious Cults, dopers, acid heads and Nirvana chasers (not the band type though).

Samsung has always been the company with parts and hands in everything, from building Skyscrapers and Oil n Gas Offshore Drilling Rigs to refrigerators, vacuums, cars, electronics, 60yr old Plastics Industry Leader, mining gold and silver, chemicals, military and construction equipment, etc!

So although S series can’t be said to be a niche market like iPhones, the S series still sold 100 Million last year and if you included all the high end niche phones Samsung makes including Note, Mega, Zoom, Active, etc….. sales of over 68 Million, Samsung blew the doors off Apple’s iPhones sales all put together last year of 150 million vs 168 Million of Samsung’s 316 Million Smartphones sold last year!

iPhones are not niche market or even in the elitist category. They are generic one size fits all iClones built stealing the technology companies like Samsung, Motorola and Nokia developed in the first place. iPhones are the Chairman Mao Suit of the cell phone industry vs the Samsung’s Galaxy Note being now the most unique smartphone on the market with S pen being a real artist’s tool over the caveman era fingerpainting touchscreen only on iPhones!!! Galaxy Note Series Win Big Time over Apple’s iClones in deserving it’s higher price and Elitist Status as a truly remarkable smartphone in a class of it’s own!!!

3 years 26 days ago

To call a Galaxy Note an iPhone is a direct affront to both Samsung and its customer base.

3 years 26 days ago

I think a lot of the commenters here are missing the point the author is trying to make, while at the same time proving him to be correct. What he is saying is that note owners are as loyal to the brand as iPhone owners. The way everyone leapt to the note’s defence prove him to be correct.

I am a note owner and lover… I stated with the original note then switched to the note 2. Giving the note 3 a miss but will probably be an earlyish adopter of the note 4. A few weeks ago I stated getting the feeling that there must be more to life than the note and have been trying out an xperia z1 (the xperia x10 was my first android phone and still think of it lovingly). Now while this phone has a lovely build quality and lots of features, I was glad to put my Sim back into the note.

Disappointed that updates take a long time so rooted my phone at Christmas and put a custom ROM of KitKat on it. Miss some of the spen functionality but performance and battery or is much better

3 years 15 days ago

This is my thoughts exactly. As I’m scrolling down, reading all the comments.

Lol don’t get me wrong before I read the article. I’m thinking how could anyone compare an iPhone with the note series… I have to read this.

But he’s not comparing the two phones against each other. He’s comparing the iphone owners against the people who own a galaxy note. And how lowyal they are with there phones.

Its funny pple just read the headlines then comment on something the articles not about.
Or pple read the article but don’t know how to comprehend, I guess lol

3 years 26 days ago

“The iPhone is an iconic device that will continue to attract millions of consumers in the years to come.”
Yeah, that’s what Blackberry thought of their phones, too.  

3 years 26 days ago

I had a Galaxy S 2, then a S3… And then… A galaxy note 2 came… Now i have a Note 3 and will have an 4 , and 5, and…. Why?…cause it changed the way i use and think about smart phones, …it is not possible to compare this device whith an IPhone …i think the IPad is THE TABLET, but the GALAXY NOTE 3 is simply the king of smartphones!

3 years 26 days ago

I do like the Note 3, but I really wish Samsung would take a page or two from HTC when it comes to materials and hardware design for the Note 4. Love the feel of the One M8. That and the damn physical home button.

3 years 27 days ago


iPhones have hardware of 2 years ago, the Note is ahead of everyone.
People who use iPhones are blind to all their faults, we grumble and complain about KNOX on a daily basis.
iPhones are meant for users who want simple, our Note has more features than an iPhone user can handle.
iPhons are meant for the common cattle, our Note 3 is meant for a specific group of people.

I’m not seeing it. We love our Note 3 because there is, in terms of hardware, nothing out there of equal level. Even the newer devices are less. But we are not blind to its faults.

3 years 27 days ago

to be honest ,
note 3 is the one !!!
you can’t compare any smartphone with that .

just because the features!!!

the customers need support and more features .


we need to be under support by samsung for 3 years , like apple

3 years 28 days ago

Yeah I agree to an extent but you can’t compare the Note series to the iPhone. The Note series is just better in everyway

2 years 11 months ago


3 years 28 days ago

“Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the iPhone of the Android world”

WHAT OMG! Dont you know that is an insult? iPhone = no pen, no multiwindows, connectivity with “not apple certified”, bluetooth connectivity problems etc…

like a iPhone!? What an insult!

3 years 28 days ago

Did you even read the article? There is no relation to the features of either device to why I’m calling them similar.

3 years 28 days ago

Some people go to see ballet some people go to see action movies. iPhones are elegant and esthetically pleasing and easy to use, but in terms of getting work done it is vastly inferior to Galaxy S and Note phones. Emotional people make emotional choices, rational people rational ones. Neither is better or worse, simply different. The limitations in what actions you can take and do with an iPhone compared to a Galaxy makes the iPhone de facto a fashion statement and Galaxy a tool. I do not wear jewellery and I will never carry an iPhone, but I am happy for those who can get emotional confirmation and increased self-confidence by carrying a style icon that makes them part of a “cool” tribe. I prefer to get my work done and enjoy a big screen when I am not working and belong to the working class.

3 years 28 days ago

Samsung should make a Dual Boot Note 4 with Tizen and Android. Google is corrupting Android more and more with each version, it’s not as open as before and it’s getting many bugs. Tizen has great stuff from Android and Windows Phone as it was seen in MWC 2014. I would give a chance to Tizen, specially if it’s included with Android on the awesome future Note 4.

3 years 28 days ago

I owned Samsung Galaxy S for the first time as a smartphone. Since the Galaxy Note came to the market I started to feel that would be my next smartphone and keep eyeing on it until I ended my upgrade to S3 might be due to its popularity and recently I got a Galaxy Note 3 last November 2013.

This device (SGN3) is an indispensable tool for me that currently replaced the norm of my laptop as a entertainment and Internet-enabled device strongly due to the versatility of Galaxy Note 3. Almost everything can be done flawlessly with Note 3.

Note: My GSN3 is more capable than my laptop that can lasts 24 hours at moderate to heavy use without charging with the added 10000mAh Zerolemon extended battery.

3 years 28 days ago

I would like to have the first paragraph stricken from the record, irrelevant conjecture.

3 years 28 days ago

After, seeing how bad samsung fu*ced up the s brand, i’m never going to buy another phone from samsung. i’ve got s4 and have not yet got kit kat, baseband:xuemkf fu samshit

3 years 28 days ago

You should be glad you haven’t gotten the kitkat update, I also have an S4 and I’m very upset with all the bugs and weird things going on in kitkat. No don’t think its just me, read into it, it’s in the OS version it’s self on every new phone with 4.4. SDcard write issues, battery draining, apps not working properly because of changed permissions, etc. It’s bad, trust me, I can’t even get half the day on my phone and I haven’t changed anything except the update.

3 years 29 days ago

True that! Samsung Galaxy is the best smartphone brand! :)

3 years 29 days ago

there is a reason for that.
with each note samsung do something good.

like added in note 2 new gestures with spen.
with note 3 all s4 gestures and new options for spen.

nobody in world seem to look for many ways of input sources in phones.
all looking forward is to give newest hw and almost stock updates to their phones and call them super speedy and all that crap.
no customisation or adding something thats worth having with a phone as companion like spen.

samsung knows only adding hw is not an option but you need better sw options as well and thats why note series is ay better bcoz of originality (not in terms of phone’s look but the way it works and features).

right now for me only note 3 got more potential then any other phone out there.
not talking about only hw but also sw too and samsung keeping newest phones on newest sw nowadays (which is surprising lol)
hope they dont lose this line up after what happening to s line up.

3 years 29 days ago

I couldn’t agree more. I have a Note 3 and my next phone will be a Note, and the one after that will be a Note.

My wife has a Galaxy S3 and she loves it, but I could see her being open to checking out the HTC, Sony, or Motorola offerings when it comes time to trade.

Flip Jumpman
3 years 29 days ago

The Note 3 is in a class of it’s own above the rest. Once you own one, you’ll understand why. Note Series has features that others just don’t have and that’s including the tablets too.

Note 4′s future looks brighter than ever.

3 years 29 days ago

The Chevrolet Corvette is the Opal GT of the automotive world then. Just sayin!

3 years 29 days ago

Well written piece. Enjoyed it very much. As a former iPhone user and a new Note3 user, I would have to say the Note3 blows away the iPhone in every respect. To me, even the build quality of the Note is at least neck and neck with the iPhone. But on hardware, the Note blows away the competition. Just one mans opinion.

3 years 28 days ago

Almost agree – Not sure the hardware is right up there. Would have preferred matt finish to chrome on my Note3 and not to have pretend stitching.

As a previous diehard Apple man (partner and friends still can’t believe I didn’t go for iPhone) since 1991 I have to admit this Note 3 is just magical. It’s all the things the iPhone isn’t. And does all the things the iPhone doesn’t.

I possibly won’t even replace my iPad when it’s time for a change either. It’s just so lacking in just about everything now.
I’ve installed Nova and Llama on my Note 3 and am loving the sheer flexibility of it. iPhone just can’t touch it.

I like to think of it as what my beloved Newton could have been like by now if Steve Jobs hadn’t killed it.

3 years 29 days ago

Dont you ever call my note3 an iPhone.

3 years 29 days ago

to even compare the iphone to the note is an insult….. to samsung lol