Sprint enables Wi-Fi calling feature for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mega

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Wi-Fi calling has been available for T-Mobile users for some time now, and it looks like Sprint users will be able to use this facility as well. A leaked document revealed that Wi-Fi calling will be rolled out to Sprint’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mega tomorrow. While these two are the first devices to receive this feature, other devices will likely receive Wi-Fi calling in the near future. Wi-Fi calling would be enabled via an OTA update that will be delivered to these handsets next day. In addition to voice calls, you will also be able to send text messages over Wi-Fi. All voice calls and messages sent through Wi-Fi calling will not count toward your plan minutes. The leaked document also revealed that this feature can be easily switched on or off via a quick toggle.

To register new Wi-Fi networks, you have to go to your Sprint account settings and add each network manually. Furthermore, each authorized network added needs an address attached with it. The address will be automatically added through Google’s location services, but you will have the ability to edit and manually enter the address. CDMA connectivity is still a requirement for Wi-Fi calling, as the signal determines whether you’re in a location in which Sprint offers cellular services. The service will be available in the US, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.









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