Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 goes on sale globally in March, pre-orders now live

After releasing the Galaxy Camera 2 in South Korea yesterday for $465, Samsung has announced that the camera would be available globally from March 10. The Galaxy Camera 2 will cost $450, and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon US. The Galaxy Camera 2 will be a Wi-Fi only offering this time, unlike its predecessor, which came with a SIM card slot. The Galaxy Camera 2 features the same zoom lens as the original, but comes with a faster processor and a new design.

The device will make its way to other online retailers in the US shortly, but its UK availability is yet unknown. Samsung’s official site has a form for users to register their interest, but other than that, there is little information regarding the availability of the handset. The device should be available before the end of March, so it is likely that more details will be forthcoming soon. If you’re in the U.S. and interested in buying the Galaxy Camera 2, head over to the Amazon via the link below to buy the device.


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