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Was the Galaxy Camera, Samsung’s first Android-based camera, a success? Did it sell well enough to justify or recoup the costs of developing the device? These are some of the questions we’ll probably never get an answer to, and while we personally believe it was a failed experiment, Samsung doesn’t run its business based on what we think, and could be in the process of developing the successor to the Galaxy Camera. Evleaks tweeted a photo apparently taken from the second-gen Galaxy Camera (model number EK-GC200), hinting at an impending official announcement.

The photo is quite blurry and has been taken at 2-megapixel, but at this point it shouldn’t be taken as an indication of the final image quality the Galaxy Camera 2 will offer. There are no details available on its hardware and the camera’s megapixel count, but don’t be surprised if its specs match those of the Galaxy S4 closely, like the original Galaxy Camera’s specs were similar to the Galaxy S3’s, with a 20-megapixel or higher-resolution camera.

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