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Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature 16MP Camera Sensor, Side Touch, New Camera Modes and Effects


Last updated: February 19th, 2014 at 16:04 UTC+02:00

On Monday, we confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint sensor and also explained how it’s being implemented by Samsung. Last week we received a plethora of trusted information regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S5. We will be revealing details about the next big thing almost daily, until the actual launch of the device, so keep an eye on our news feed. Today, we are targeting the Galaxy S5’s camera and from the info we have got, it looks quite badass!

The Galaxy S5 will feature a 16 Megapixel camera sensor, which will be able to shoot 4K UHD video at 30FPS and 1080p FHD video at 60FPS. However, exact information on the sensor technology is still unknown but we expect Samsung to use its new ISOCELL technology. Now time for the interesting part.

Remember when mobile phones used to have a dedicated camera button and we all could easily snap a picture or record a video by simply tapping that little button? Yeah, the Galaxy S5 will have a dedicated camera button, but it will be invisible. Samsung is calling this technology, “Side Touch”. There will be a sensor built into the bottom right side of the device, at the same place where usually physical dedicated camera buttons are placed. To take a picture, you will simply tap the side of the device and your picture will be taken. There are a few limitations of Side Touch, like you won’t be able to use it in Portrait Mode, Easy Mode, and while recording video.

Moving along, let’s talk about the software side of things. Samsung is known for implementing a ton of features in its camera software and it has done the same with the Galaxy S5, as well. As the Galaxy S5 features a 16 Megapixel sensor, allows you to be able to capture pictures of different sizes from 2.4MP to up to 16MP. Also, you will be able to choose between different ISO levels from ISO100 to up to ISO800, and of course Auto option is available, as well. With the launch of Samsung’s last year flagship device, the Galaxy S4, the Korean giant introduced a ton of new camera modes, which included HDR, Panorama, Sound and shot…and more. Samsung has kept all those camera modes on the Galaxy S5 and added a few more to the collection, like 3D Tour Shot, Focus Select, Continuous Shot and many more. We have made a complete list of camera modes and camera effects that will be available on the Galaxy S5, take a look below.

– 3D Tour Shot: Create interactive virtual tours of your surroundings.
– Sports: Take clearer pictures of fast-moving subjects.
– Focus Select: Make your subjects stand out against the background by adjusting the depth of field.
– Dual Camera: You can take pictures and record videos using the front and rear cameras at the same time.
– Aqua: Appropriate for taking pictures underwater.
– Animated Photo: Create a picture containing moving objects by animating parts of the picture.
– 3D Panorama: Create a spherical panorama of your surroundings.
– Sound & Shot: Enrich your pictures by adding a few seconds of background sound.
– Drama: Takes multiple exposure pictures of a moving subject and merges them into one dramatic picture.
– Golf: Take pictures of a golf swing. You can then play the pictures forwards or backwards.
– Auto Portrait: Take self-portrait with the rear camera.
– Rich Tone (HDR): Take pictures with softer or richer colours by merging pictures taken in various exposures.
– Auto: Automatically adjusts the exposure to optimise the colour and brightness of pictures. You can take single or burst shots.
– Eraser: Save the best picture after erasing moving objects from consecutive pictures.
– Night: Take brighter, clearer pictures in low light without the flash.
– Best Face: Select the best picture of each person from 5 consecutive pictures to get the best merged group picture.
– Best Photo: Take a series of pictures, and then select the best to save.
– Continuous Shot: Take pictures continuously.
– Panorama: Create a linear panorama by taking pictures in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

There were a few more camera modes mentioned in the information we obtained but no description was given, so it might be possible that they don’t get included in the final retail software. Just to name a few of them: Mosaic Shot, Smile Shot, Frame Shot, Vintage, Cartoon, Add Me, Action Shot, Stop Motion, Cartoon and Pet.

Grey-scale, Sepia, Negative, Emboss, Outline, Watercolour, Monochrome, Sketch, Washed Out, Posterise, Solarise, Vintage, Cold Vintage, Warm Vintage, Blue, Green Point, Red/Yellow, Nostalgia, Faded Colour, Retro, Sunshine, Old Photo, Cartoon, Oil Pastel, Moody, Engraving, Vignette, Rugged, Tint, Turquoise, Fisheye, Noir Note and Vincent

Don’t worry if you are an effecto maniac and these pre-installed effects don’t fulfil your needs, because you will be able to download custom effects, as well.

Samsung’s new camera app will feature some visual changes, mainly the colour scheme will be changed to match their new overall system theme. We at SamMobile have decided not to post any visuals/screenshots because we want to keep a few surprises for Samsung itself to reveal at the Samsung UNPACKED 2014 event on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain.

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