Samsung, Qualcomm and others join hands on ‘Rezence’, a resonance wireless charging standard

In the middle of October, a rumor emerged suggesting Samsung was working on introducing magnetic resonance wireless charging in its phones in 2014, and now it looks like the company has taken a step towards achieving that goal. The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has announced that it will launch a certification program for devices for resonant wireless charging at the end of this year, under the brand name “Rezence.” Samsung is a part of A4WP, along with LG, Qualcomm and a few other companies, and it’s easy to see where the rumor found its feet back in October.

Rezence is a mix of the words “resonant” and “essence,” with its symbol a lightning bolt inside a pair of brackets, and it will go up against wireless charging standards like Qi (by the Wireless Power Consortium) and Power 2.0 (by the Power Matters Alliance) – Samsung is a part of all three alliances, but it looks like resonant charging is where the company might be putting most of its focus. For those unaware, resonant charging uses tuned electromagnetic resonators to deliver power at a distance, which means that devices would no longer have to be perfectly aligned with their charging pads, or even touching them in some cases.


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