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Samsung to use magnetic resonance wireless charging in its smartphones from mid-2014?


Last updated: October 15th, 2013 at 08:03 UTC+02:00

Ever since Nokia made wireless charging a feature on its Lumia 920 back in 2012, it has been adopted by many other manufacturers, including Google and, of course, Samsung. People have certainly welcomed the technology, as it makes charging our devices quite a bit more convenient, as there are no wires involved in the process and we can just come back from long hard day and drop our device on the charging pad.

But putting a device on a pad has its own inconveniences, mainly that the device must be taken off the pad to do things such as taking calls or making a quick Facebook status update, which interrupts the charging process. However, if Samsung has its way, come mid-2014, those inconveniences could become a thing of the past, as the company is reportedly working on introducing magnetic resonance wireless charging in its smartphones.

What is magnetic resonance wireless charging? Well, it’s simply another, better method of wireless charging that uses the same principle of charging as the wireless charging method used in smartphones today (magnetic induction), but it allows transfer of power between two devices over longer distances, negating the need to actually have the two in contact with each other. Therefore, you’ll be able to use the device as you normally would, but as long as the wireless charger is in range, your device will keep charging as well.

Samsung is reportedly working with PowerbyProxi, a New Zealand company that Samsung has invested in, to develop this particular wireless technology, and the first devices to use it should arrive in the later half of 2014. Here’s hoping Samsung is able to get it to work well, because contact-less wireless charging would make things just so more convenient for everyone.


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