“Next generation Galaxy Gear to launch alongside Galaxy S5”

If you are a Galaxy Gear owner you might have noticed that Samsung has pushed out great update to get more notifications on your smartwatch. One of the big negatives of the Galaxy Gear were the lack of notifications. A second problem was that people didn’t like the thickness of the Galaxy Gear. According to a ETNEWS Samsung is busy with the next generation of their Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This might sound to early but if Samsung creates a great cash back who cares? The next Galaxy Gear is rumoured to be 15% to 20% thinner than previous version. Which is great cause the current variant is a slightly to thick.

According to ETnews Samsung is having plans to release the next generation of the Galaxy Gear alongside with the Galaxy S5, which was in the news today. The Galaxy S5 is rumoured to come around 2014 March – April like Samsung did by the Galaxy S4 this year.
Samsung already shipped 800.000 times the Galaxy Gear.

SamMobile actually liked the Galaxy Gear pretty much. SamMobile’s co-founder wrote his own opinion about the Galaxy Gear at our column page.


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