[Deal] Galaxy Gear available for 229 Euros on eBay, shipping worldwide

Samsung said earlier today that the Galaxy Gear has become the most successful smartwatch in the world, with around 800,000 units sold worldwide in two months. However, for most folks, apart from the limited device compatibility, the $299/EUR 299 price tag will continue to be a deterrent, and that’s why deals on the Galaxy Gear are something we always look forward to – right now, the smartwatch can be bought from eBay for only EUR 229 in Germany, a considerable discount that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who wants to gets his/her hands on Samsung’s smartwatch.

You can take advantage of the deal even if you’re not in Germany, as the seller is shipping it worldwide, though there might be a few extra charges unless you order and confirm payment today itself. Of course, overseas shipping charges might just nullify the discount for some people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit the source link and at least check if the deal’s of any worth to you.

Via | Source: eBay (Yellow | Orange White / Silver | White / Golden)


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