Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets 6,500mAh extended battery from Mugen Power

The Galaxy Note 3 comes with quite a high-capacity 3,200mAh battery out of the box, making it one of the longest lasting Android devices out there. However, for those that are often on the move or just can’t seem to keep their shiny new phablet down, Mugen Power has come up with a gigantic 6,500mAh extended battery for the Note 3, which can extend the battery life of the device by up to “2.03 times.”

That’s an appropriate claim when you look at the battery capacity, though even if your battery life doesn’t double up, it should still get a considerable boost. As always, you’ll get an add-on battery door (available in black and white) that can fit the higher-capacity battery inside, fattening your Note 3 in the process, but again, the extended usage times should be well worth it.

You can order the battery from Mugen’s official website at the source link for $98.50. Shipping is free worldwide.



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