Telstra confirms no Android 4.2 update is coming to Galaxy S II 4G

We had confirmed earlier on our Twitter account that the Galaxy S II and Note wouldn’t be getting any more updates after Android 4.1, and while Samsung hasn’t officially said anything, Telstra might just have confirmed the disappointing news for every Galaxy S II owner out there. According to a Telstra rep, “Samsung have confirmed that there are no more updates planned for the SGS2 4G.”

Yes, Telstra does mention the 4G variant of the device, but it’s most likely that the same applies to all the variants, something our insider confirmed as well. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the Galaxy S II (and original Note) did get two major updates and completed two years of support. We’d sure love to live in a world where manufacturers provide even longer support for their flagships, but for now, it’s time to accept the fact that the Galaxy S II – which is perhaps the best device Samsung ever made – is going to be stuck on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean forever. 


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