Samsung Galaxy Note 3 uses PenTile AMOLED like Galaxy S4

Whenever Samsung makes a new flagship handset official, one question always arises – does it use a Super AMOLED display with a PenTile matrix, or maybe, just maybe, an RGB matrix? Well, if that question has been lingering on your mind regarding the Galaxy Note 3, then the answer is that Samsung has once again chosen a PenTile matrix, unlike the Note 2 which saw the manufacturer opting for the more standard RGB arrangement of pixels.

There’s still no official word on this, but according to the folks over at Rbmen, the Note 3’s display uses the same pixel arrangement as the S4’s, with “diamond pixels” as Samsung called them. It’s basically still a PenTile arrangement (green pixels interleaved with alternating red and blue pixels, or RGBG), but the blue and red subpixels have more of a diamond shape instead of the standard square or stripe shape, allowing for much higher PPI than standard PenTile displays, as seen on the original Note and also the Galaxy S3.

Of course, with a 1080p resolution on a 5.7-inch display, users won’t be able to discern individual pixels, so the display on the Galaxy Note 3 isn’t going to disappoint and will offer the customary vivid colors and deep blacks. But for those that look at every thing pedantically, well, it looks like they’ll need to wait for the next Samsung flagship to see their dreams of a standard RGB Super AMOLED display being used come true.

Update: As reader hot_spare pointed out in the comments, the folks over at ArsTechnica say the screen is non-PenTile, so it looks like we’re going to need that official word from Samsung before knowing what arrangement the screen actually uses.

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