Samsung Galaxy S4 helps drive 55% increase in handset display revenues in 2013

From humble beginnings where 4-inch smartphones used to be considered too big for comfortable usage, the smartphone world has come a long way when it comes to display sizes. When it comes to display makers, the recent trend of larger displays will be a huge advantage this year, as their revenues are set to rise by 55 percent.

A DigiTimes report touts the Galaxy S4 as one of the handsets that are part of the reason for the increased revenues, along with Apple’s iPhone 5. The S4’s display went up 0.2-inches from the S3’s and also saw a veritable increase in display resolution – coupled with the average selling price of an AMOLED screen rising from $48.36 in 2012 to $49.37 in 2013, it’s something that is proving profitable for display makers. By the end of the year, AMOLED screens will have taken 37 percent of the total market, and the Galaxy Note III will no doubt contribute to that share.

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