Report: Samsung will initially launch only Snapdragon 800 variant of Galaxy Note III

According to ETNews, the initial production for the Galaxy Note III will be exclusively of the Snapdragon 800 variant of the device, owing to issues with development of the new Exynos 5420 octa-core chipset, which is apparently suffering from overheating issues. Samsung will supposedly wait for a more stable yield of the Exynos chip, before launching the octa-core variant.

What does this mean for the consumers? Well, that only those in the U.S. and Europe will be able to get their hands on the Galaxy Note III initially, once it launches in September. That is, unless Samsung can figure out how to solve those issues with the Exynos and launch both variants around the same time, which would be great since there’s a fairly large number of markets where the Exynos variant is headed.

So, um, get on it Samsung, don’t make us wait any longer than we have to.

P.S: You can check out which processor variant of the Note III your country will be getting here.



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I’ve Galaxy S4 and I’m waiting for the coming Jelly Bean 4.3 update to fix heating and battery drainage issues..
if not I’m leaving Samsung products forever..
just can’t believe why would such a famous company fool its users with untested product!!!


I have the GT-i9505 and have no issues that you are stating you have.
Your phone overheats when doing what?
The battery drains after how long and due to doing what?
What version S4 do you have?


The GT-I9505 is the S4 “SnapDragon 600 CPU”.

Sebastian Shaw
Sebastian Shaw

i cannot believe in samsung i am waiting note 3 for months and now they are sayin it will delayed come on sammy if there is problem with new 5420 then release snapdragon 800 in worldwide so we can buy


I’d prefer then to stick with Snapdragon CPUs first and release the Octa-core later on or just ditch the Exynos Octa since it currently has overheating issues.

Go back to Quad-core Samsung!