Weekend Special: Samsung ”worried” about their build quality, Galaxy Note III to have a new design

Our insiders have just sent us some information regarding the Galaxy Note III and its design. It looks like Samsung saw the success of the HTC One and is a bit ”worried” about the design and build quality of their mobile devices. The HTC One is fully made from aluminium, something all Samsung fans would love to see. With the introduction of the Galaxy S4 people started to blame Samsung for using plastic again instead of aluminium / metal. Samsung isn’t worried about the software as according to Samsung their software is better than the one on HTC devices. The simple Nature UX interface by Samsung is easy to use and, thanks to the new smart functions, Samsung’s new interface makes the Galaxy S4 even more smarter.

According to SamMobile’s famous insider, Samsung is planning to switch build quality for the next flagship device. He pointed out that the Galaxy Note III will not use the design guidelines of the Galaxy S4. Samsung expects to sell many Galaxy Note III devices. The Galaxy Note III is rumoured to have a 6.0” FHD AMOLED display, Exynos 5 Octa CPU with LTE, 13 megapixel and the latest version of Android, which could be Android 5.0. The Galaxy Note III will have even more software features than the Galaxy S4. He couldn’t point out the material choice for the Galaxy Note III. He said that Galaxy S4’s metal design was very popular internally but Samsung couldn’t make mass-produce it right on time, so it was declined.

Let’s hope this is true! We would love to see a better build, like Samsung’s Wave series, on their Galaxy series.

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