Screenshots of an unannounced Samsung smartwatch’s test OS?

We were just tipped off a few screenshots which are allegedly from an unannounced Samsung Smartwatch’s test Operating System. You will have to take this news with a pinch of salt as we are not sure if the screenshots are real or not. The weird thing is that the smartwatch uses “Altius” as it’s codename, in the screenshots, whereas we are sure that Samsung is using the “Altius” codename for the upcoming Galaxy S IV and not a smartwatch, this and a few other reasons indicate that these screenshots might actually be a hoax.

First of all Samsung doesn’t use codenames on their splash screen, like you can see in the first image Samsung Galaxy “Altius”. The UI doesn’t meet Samsung’s UX guidelines and Samsung never uses mirror effect on their branding, like you can see in image 3-5. One more thing, in image 3 & 4 it says code “altios” not “altius”.


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