Rumor: Samsung is going to test new update services from Galaxy S IV

Information in hands from SamMobile confirm Samsung is going to test a new update service. Samsung want to have more control in each country about updates and sales. Samsung wants to know exactly how many devices has been sold in all countries. Samsung’s plan is to stop the retailers that are shipping for example French based software devices to The Netherlands. Samsung won’t give devices updates if you bought a phone outside your home country. This could mean retailers need to pay more for devices and the prices could go higher. Also customers could have to wait longer on their new devices. So far we can conclude from our information Samsung will start to test this way by no longer notification trough OTA (over the air).

Another thing to know is that Samsung will still use both KIES and OTA services. But could test in the future IMEI based updates. If Samsung decides to use IMEI tracking for updates this is most worst way for developers. We do not expect Samsung to choose this way at the moment. For Samsung at the moment KIES and OTA are fine. IMEI could be dangerous for Samsung self too.

What does this all mean for Samsung, retailer and customer?
– Control of updates in each country. (faster way of updates)
– Exact sales numbers.
– Could bring the price up / down if needed or cancel device that do not sell well.

– Retailer must ship country based devices otherwise customer isn’t able to update.
– Retailer shop price could be more expensive.

– Delay in new device.
– Customer isn’t able to update their device outside the country of origin.
– Price can be higher.

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