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    Samsung’s welcome message for One UI 6 is a joke


    Last updated: November 24th, 2023 at 09:39 UTC+01:00

    One UI 6's rollout for Galaxy smartphones and tablets is in full swing. Samsung has released the stable/official One UI 6 update for eight Galaxy devices in the last five days. That probably breaks some kind of record, but I've been too busy laughing at the lousy “Welcome to One UI 6” message on my Galaxy Z Flip 5 to find out which record that is.

    Seriously, look at the screenshot below. That's the full-screen message you are welcomed with once you update your phone to Android 14/One UI 6 and boot it up for the first time. Samsung has never used a welcome screen for previous versions of One UI, and someone in its software development team seems to have come up with this creatively bankrupt welcome message at the last second.

    Welcome to One UI 6

    Now, it's a message everyone will see on their Galaxy device after installing One UI 6. Not everyone will give it a second thought or care about how useless it is, but the question still stands: why did Samsung think this was necessary? And why couldn't the company use the welcome screen to highlight some of the major new features users are getting with this operating system upgrade?

    We probably won't get any answer to that question, and you might say we are making a mountain out of a molehill. But it is stuff like this that makes us wonder if Samsung cares about making sure every detail, major or minor, is given due attention, as is expected from a company of its stature and ambitions.

    What makes this worse is that like Apple, Samsung has a Tips app that actually has a visual walkthrough of some of the major new features in the latest version of One UI. However, while iPhones throw up a notification from the Tips app notifying the user about new features after an iOS update is installed, Samsung chooses to put up a simple welcome message that's just a massive waste of screen space.

    There's no indicator that the user can discover everything new in One UI 6. If you don't check the changelog before you start installing the update, you will be left to discover things on your own. But hey, why worry when you can check out our awesome One UI 6 guide that has everything you will ever need to know and watch our video in which we cover the more exciting stuff?