[Poll Results!] Would the S Pen convince you to buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

South Korean media is abuzz with rumors that Samsung is planning to discontinue the Galaxy Note series next year. It’s also claimed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with an S Pen. It could be the only model out of the three Galaxy S21 handsets released next year to feature the stylus.

This might not bring a lot of comfort to Galaxy Note loyalists who can’t imagine that their beloved series would be discontinued. Samsung might try to appeal to them with an S Pen-quipped Galaxy Z Fold 3 but there’s no chance the foldable could be as durable as a Galaxy Note 21.

So in order to reach some sort of a middle ground, Samsung could bring the S Pen to its Galaxy S series for the first time. This would also require some significant design changes for the Galaxy S21 Ultra since it would need to have a silo for the S Pen. Customers would thus get the S Pen experience on a conventionally durable device that has none of the fragility that you get on a foldable.

Will the S Pen be able to convince you to take a chance on the Galaxy S21 Ultra? Or are you opposed to the idea entirely and want the Galaxy Note series to stick around? Vote below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Results: Rather unsurprisingly, the majority of those who participated in this pool are opposed to the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series. They’re closely followed by 32% of the respondents who believe that their decision to buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be based on the overall specs. Only 14% say that they’ll pre-order the Galaxy S21 Ultra on day one if it came with the S Pen.

Would the S Pen convince you to buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra?
  • No, I'm opposed to the Galaxy Note series being discontinued 38%, 488 votes
    488 votes 38%
    488 votes - 38% of all votes
  • My decision will be based on the overall specs 32%, 406 votes
    406 votes 32%
    406 votes - 32% of all votes
  • Not completely sold on the idea but have an open mind 17%, 213 votes
    213 votes 17%
    213 votes - 17% of all votes
  • Absolutely, going to pre-order on day 1 14%, 174 votes
    174 votes 14%
    174 votes - 14% of all votes
Total Votes: 1281
24 August 2020 - 3 September 2020
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  • Maybe but not right out of the gate at full price. Samsung is merely just an extra device I keep around to do my banks tap to pay app(since their hce support is weak I perfer to use a carrier device that can still use secure sim)

  • If they do launch another S/Note Ultra then they better give us a very good trade in value for our Note 20 Ultra.

  • The question is did they even have to. S21 is anyways going to be a killer with that exynos 1000 with nvidia gpu. They don't have to bring s pen along to drive the sales.

  • I love my Note 9, and my new Note 20 Ultra 5G and in a straight choice I would always choose the Note over the S series, as I see it as not only the Premium flagship of the Samsung non folding phone range, but also the most Premium, highest quality, fully featured, and best supported Android phone available in the market.
    The design, specifications, SPen and the Samsung Note brand completely resonates with everything I desire from a state of the art smartphone.
    I would be very sad if Samsung decide to drop the Note brand, even if they incorporate an SPen into a Galaxy S30 Ultra model, and right now I'm not really excited by a folding phone..The new Note 20 Ultra just ticks every one of my boxes completely!
    Maybe if Samsung do drop the Note range, but then introduce a super Premium, fully featured SPen equipped "S30 Ultra Note" brand, I could be converted..Maybe..🤔😉

  • My decision would only be made when I know the full details of it but I prefer the Note to be the Note.
    However I think a trio of S21 such as regular S21 6.5'' and an S21 6.9'' Plus along with a 7.2'' Ultra Note with same size battery and specs as the plus but with S-pen would be a concept that could work.

  • I don't think Samsung should add the S-Pen to the S series... it's a Note thing and they should keep this way (just my humble opinion)!

  • I'm a Note user and I'd definitely buy it as it will no longer be an S phone, it will be a Note. An sPen would actually mean the discontinuation of the S lineup. Of course this is ridiculous and won't happen. I think 50 to 70 million customers buy S phones because they don't want an sPen. If they did, 50 to 70 million Notes would be sold. Note sales are only about 10 million or so for specialised customers generally. This is a really stupid subject. There is only one device that will replace the Note and that's a foldable that can support an sPen.