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    Sonos to release its very expensive premium headphones in 2024


    Last updated: November 23rd, 2023 at 10:48 UTC+01:00

    Sonos, the company best known for its premium speakers, is reportedly looking to enter the over-ear headphones market. A new report claims that the company will release its first pair of headphones next year.

    From what's being said about this product, it appears that these headphones will be firmly in the premium and very expensive territory. Word on the street is that the first pair of Sonos headphones are going to cost between $400 – $500.

    Sonos premium headphones may arrive by April 2024

    That's quite the ambitious price tag for a company that's not been in this space before. There's also plenty of competition in the high-end headphones market, so Sonos will have its work cut out. The new headphones will absolutely need to be on the money if the company wants to sell them at this premium price level.

    We may not have to wait for too long to see this product. Bloomberg reports that Sonos may release these headphones as early as April next year. One unique feature this product is claimed to have is the ability to sync music with other Sonso products in your home. Additional features will include Sonos Voice Control, a voice activated assistant focused on music control.

    Sonos has reportedly been working on premium headphones for a while now. The report says that development has been ongoing since 2019 but earlier versions of the product were canceled. No further information is available at this point in time about these headphones. There's also the possibility that Sonos may follow up these headphones with wireless earbuds, the kind that would go up against the likes of the Galaxy Buds.

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