Samsung reportedly working on Dexbook, a DeX-powered portable monitor

Samsung has been trying for years to make its Galaxy smartphones even more useful by making them behave like desktop computers, when needed, with the DeX software. Now, it appears that the South Korean tech giant has plans to make a portable monitor for its smartphones.

According to a report from ETNews, Samsung is planning to launch a 14.1-inch portable monitor that can turn Galaxy smartphones into desktop computer-like devices. While the company already supports a similar feature through third-party displays and even PCs, the new monitor is expected to weigh less than a kilogram, which makes it truly portable.

It is being reported that the upcoming Dexbook device will have a built-in 10,000mAh battery that can not only power the monitor but also the connected smartphone. It doesn’t come with a keyboard or a mouse, though, which is quite puzzling if the whole idea is to convert the phone into a PC. Perhaps, the idea is to utilize the monitor’s big screen for enjoying movies.

Apparently, even LG is making such a portable monitor that has a 5,000mAh built-in battery. Both firms are reportedly planning to start the mass production of their portable monitors in Q2 and release them in Q3 of this year. The Dexbook monitor could be priced anywhere between $339 to $423. Would you be interested in such a device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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