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    Samsung Q80C 4K QLED TVs now available in Europe, prices start above €1000


    Last updated: March 14th, 2023 at 00:45 UTC+01:00

    The Q80C series of 4K QLED TVs are now available for purchase in Europe, so you can get ready to enjoy some ultra-sharp, ultra-vivid visuals. The Samsung Q80C, a TV with a flat design and 4K resolution, is available in five different sizes – 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″. The Q80C uses the relatively traditional QLED tech instead of Mini LED technology or Samsung's new QD-OLED panels.

    In comparison to the Mini LED models, the Q80C's design is not as luxurious. Nonetheless, it is still thinner than other QLED models, like the Q70C and Q60C, providing ‘boundless' sides on all four sides of the frame. The Q80C also promises audio optimization via its OTS Lite technology, as well as Dolby Atmos support.

    A built-in 2.2-channel speaker system with 40W output power offers an immersive audio experience. Additionally, its Quantum HDR+ processor and Local Dimming system improve the overall HDR dynamics. Finally, if you're thinking of gettting a Q80C, it's important to keep in mind that the 50-inch Q80C model has a 50Hz refresh rate. 100/120Hz refresh rates are reserved for the other sizes.

    Pricing for the Q80C series in Europe

    The Samsung Q80C series of 4K QLED TVs are now available through various retailers across Europe, comprising five models with the following prices (the two numbers after the first two letters of the model number are the screen sizes):

    • QN85Q80C (€3,499)
    • QN75Q80C (€2,499)
    • QN65Q80C (€1,999)
    • QN55Q80C (€1,399)
    • QN50Q80C (€1,199)

    The Germany-exclusive variants feature the ‘GQ' designation and retail for the following prices:

    • GQ85Q80C (€3,499)
    • GQ75Q80C (€2,499)
    • GQ65Q80C (€1,999)
    • GQ55Q80C (€1,399)
    • GQ50Q80C (€1,199)

    Those looking for the Q80C series in France or Spain can purchase the ‘TQ' models, prices for which are listed below.

    • TQ85Q80C (€3,499)
    • TQ75Q80C (€2,499)
    • TQ65Q80C (€1,999)
    • TQ55Q80C (€1,399)
    • TQ50Q80C (€1,199)
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