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    Samsung monthly updates: January 2022 security patch fixes dozens of vulnerabilities


    Last updated: January 7th, 2022 at 12:36 UTC+01:00

    The January 2022 security patch, which was first released to the Galaxy A51 last week, also reached the Galaxy Note 10 series. However, Samsung had not explained which vulnerabilities were fixed with its new security patch. Yesterday, the company detailed the January 2022 security patch on its website.

    According to the company's security-related webpage, the January 2022 patch includes 52 fixes from Google and ten fixes from Samsung. Two of those fixes are critical, while 39 vulnerabilities are highly prioritized. Twelve of those fixes are moderately severe, while nine vulnerabilities included in Google's own patch aren't found on Samsung devices.

    Vulnerabilities found on Samsung smartphones included unprotected dynamic receiver, improper sanitization of incoming event, improper handling of exceptional conditions in NPU driver, Implicit Intent hijacking vulnerability, incorrect implementation of Knox Guard, storage of unprotected data in BluetoothSettingsProvider, missing input validation before memory copy in TIMA trustlet, and improper authorization in TelephonyManager. Samsung fixed all these vulnerabilities with the January 2022 patch.

    You can read more about fixes from Google by copying the CVE code from Samsung's website and searching for it on the National Vulnerability Database's website.

    Samsung has promised to offer security updates to its high-end and some mid-range devices for four years. Other phones get security updates for three years. Has your smartphone received the January 2022 security patch yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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