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Samsung’s first 89-inch microLED TV may have been delayed


Last updated: March 31st, 2022 at 16:20 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s first microLED TV sized under 100 inches was supposed to enter production in May. However, the company’s plans may have been delayed due to production issues, claims a new report.

Samsung began investing more into its microLED business a couple of years ago, and word got out that the company is working on releasing its first sub-$100K microLED TV this year. The company had planned to start manufacturing an 89-inch microLED TV in May. However, a new report suggests that the production of the 89-inch model has been pushed back to Q3 2022.

What’s causing the delay in Samsung’s microLED plans?

What makes Samsung’s upcoming 89-inch microLED TV different from its larger 99-inch and 110-inch versions is the size of the LED chips, and this unique characteristic may have also caused of the delay — though it seems to be based on conjecture, as of now.

The 89-inch variant uses microLED chips that are significantly smaller (34 micrometers horizontal and 85 micrometers vertical, down from 75μm/125μm).

Using these smaller microLED chips lends more difficulty to the manufacturing process and can cause a higher defect rate. Although unconfirmed, this may have convinced Samsung to delay the production in hopes of optimizing manufacturing further and improving yield until Q3.

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