Samsung breaks new 5G record, tops 8.5Gbps in mmWave test

Samsung completed a 5G performance test at its Digital City in South Korea and claimed an industry speed record of 8.5Gbps. The test combined the 800MHz mmWave spectrum, MU-MIMO, and carrier aggregation to achieve this record across two mobile devices. Samsung completed the test using its latest 5G Access Unit which combines a baseband, radio, and antenna into a single product.

Following the initial launch of the 3.5GHz 5G network in South Korea, the number of 5G subscribers in the country has increased rapidly and reached 4.6 million last year. And after the success of its mmWave 5G implementation in the USA, Samsung is now gearing up to make the same solution available in its home country.

“This successful demonstration proves mmWave’s potential”

In Samsung’s eyes, this demonstration proves that mmWave 5G opens up new opportunities for mobile operators, such as offering 8K video streaming services, VR (Virtual Reality) teleconferencing solutions, and AR (Augmented Reality) learning platforms. More so, it opens up new doors to ‘use cases that are yet to be imagined.’

The company continues to expand its 5G business and is now making advancements in Japan, Canada, and New Zealand, all the while leading the USA’s and South Korea’s foray into 5G.

At the consumer level, the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra are the company’s first unlocked all-carrier smartphones to support both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks in the USA.

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