No, Project xCloud is not coming to Samsung TVs (yet)

The Samsung Access program for smartphones was launched a few days ago. The premium ownership program includes smartphone financing, upgrade options, Microsoft 365 subscription, and accidental damage cover. We’ve now learned that the company has a similar program for its smart TVs.

Samsung Access for smart TVs is a bit different from Samsung Access for smartphones. The program for TVs lets go of the upgrade option and includes premium content from various partners and the Samsung Premium Care service. The Premium Care service includes setup assistance, parts and labor charges on electrical or mechanical breakdown (with $0 deductible), and power surge protection.

You can choose up to $120 worth of content subscriptions from Microsoft (Xbox Game Pass), Sling, Showtime, and YouTube. You can choose any one of the following content subscription options:

  1. Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (8 months)
  2. Sling TV (4 months)
  3. SHOWTIME (12 months)
  4. YouTube Music Premium (12 months)
  5. YouTube Premium (10 months)
  6. YouTube TV (2 months)

A few websites are reporting that Microsoft’s Project Cloud and Xbox Game Pass could come to Samsung TV’s, but that’s not true, at least right now. If you choose the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription with Samsung Access for your TV, you could use it to play compatible games on Windows 10 PCs or Xbox for up to 8 months.

Project xCloud is compatible with select Galaxy smartphones, and Microsoft and Samsung have a strong partnership. So, there’s a chance of Samsung bringing Microsoft’s cloud game streaming to its smart TVs in the future, similar to how it offered Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service on its TVs. However, support for PS Now was later terminated.

Samsung Access For Smart TV Subscriptions

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