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    IKEA announces three super-cheap smart home products


    Last updated: November 30th, 2023 at 15:58 UTC+01:00

    IKEA has announced three new smart home products, Badring, Parasoll, and Vallhorn, in Germany, Sweden, and the UK. The first is a water leakage sensor, the second is a door and window sensor, and the third is a motion sensor. All three products are compatible with the IKEA Home app and can work standalone, which means that people can connect them to the company’s smart home app directly. Plus, these devices can work with a hub, and can also connect independently with other smart home products from the company.


    Starting with the Badring, IKEA has designed the product for placing it in areas where water is often used, such as those with washing machines and dishwashers. Once the product detects a water leak, it will notify users about the leakage through the IKEA Home app and it can also sound an alarm using the built-in speaker. Like other water leakage sensors, this product can help people detect water leakages in the early stages so that they can act on those issues immediately, which could not only save them a lot of money but also prevent incidents caused by water.


    IKEA Parasoll

    As for the Parasoll, it is a two-piece product. You have to mount one part on the frame of the door/window and the other on the door/window itself. After setting up the device, it will notify people whenever a door/window is opened or closed, which will help them stay aware of any unexpected entries into their home, and thereby, improve the security of their house.


    IKEA Vallhorn

    Coming to the Vallhorn, IKEA has designed the product for indoor and outdoor usage (it has an IP44 splash-resistant rating). Whenever the device detects a movement, it will notify users about it in the IKEA Home app. Plus, it can activate smart lights in the ecosystem whenever it detects an activity, which is another subtle way of alerting people about unexpected movements.

    Pricing and availability

    IKEA has priced the Parasoll and Vallhorn at €9.99 each in Europe. The company is yet to reveal the price of Badring but it says that all three products cost between €10 and €15, which means that the brand will price the Badring under €15. The Parasoll and Vallhorn will go on sale in January 2024, and the Badring will become available to purchase in April in the region. The company is yet to announce the pricing and availability of these products for other countries.

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