Galaxy S21/S30 Ultra concept hypes up Samsung’s new camera tech

With Samsung done with all of its flagship smartphone launches for 2020, we can now start looking towards the future. The next round of flagships from Samsung will bring us the Galaxy S21/S30. Reports suggest that the company will launch three models this time around as well with the Ultra being at the very top of the range.

There are all sorts of theories floating around for Samsung’s next flagship smartphones. We’ve worked with the very talented Concept Creator to visualise just what the Galaxy S21/S30 Ultra could look like, particularly if it were to incorporate a new camera tech breakthrough from Samsung.

Galaxy S21/S30 Ultra could have an under-display camera

Samsung may not make significant changes to the design of its next flagship smartphone, at least as far as the core industrial design is concerned. However, it’s possible that the new camera housing it introduced with the Galaxy Note 20 series and also used for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will make its way to the next flagship lineup.

Given the autofocus issues that customers have experienced with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung will likely opt for a laser autofocus module. It may look exactly the same on the back as it does on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So we can expect the design to be quite familiar with some minor refinements for the fit and finish.

This Galaxy S21 Ultra concept gives us an idea of what the device might look like if Samsung introduced a major camera tech breakthrough next year. There have been reports that Samsung is going to use an under-display selfie camera for the Galaxy S21. Samsung did hint about adopting no-notch displays two years ago when it introduced the different types of bezel-less displays it planned to use in the future.

The Ultra variant could very well be the first Samsung device to feature this tech. Using an under-display camera would enable Samsung to offer a completely bezel-less display with no cutout for the camera. That really would be the dream come true for many Samsung fans as it’s something they have been looking forward to.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We’ll be keeping a close eye on all developments related to the Galaxy S21/S30 series. So keep checking SamMobile for all the latest info on Samsung’s next flagship lineup.

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