[Updated] Galaxy S20 Ultra 512GB release delayed until May in the Netherlands

We have come across some interesting news related to our home base here in the Netherlands. It appears that customers who wanted to buy the 512GB Galaxy S20 Ultra will now have to wait for much longer than they would have anticipated.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 512GB release has been delayed until May in the Netherlands. It was supposed to be out by March 13 so we’re looking at a delay of at least a couple of months, that is if the situation remains the same. This variant is currently listed as out of stock on Samsung NL’s website.

It’s unclear at this point in time why the release has been pushed back significantly for the 512GB variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the Netherlands. We have reached out to Samsung NL for a comment on the matter.

That could be one of the reasons why there’s such a significant delay in the release of this variant in the Netherlands, but it may also be something else entirely. We’ll only really have clarity on the matter once we hear back from Samsung about this.

It remains to be seen if this will also be the case for the Galaxy S20 Ultra 512GB in other markets across the globe. Have you heard of shipping times for this variant being delayed in your market as well? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

Update: We have received a statement from Samsung on the matter. The statement was provided in Dutch, a translated version is posted below.

Due to the unexpected success during the pre-order of the Galaxy S20 Ultra (512GB), we are unfortunately not able to deliver all pre-orders for this device at the moment. We expect to deliver these orders in May. We offer a suitable solution for consumers who have to wait a little longer.

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