Galaxy Note 20+ to boast a 108MP camera, base model to lack this feature

Another bit of the Galaxy Note 20 puzzle appears to have fallen in place, as a recent report passed along by our friends at Galaxy Club has shed more light on the upcoming flagship’s camera setup. Of the two S Pen flagship variants, the Galaxy Note 20+ will reportedly feature a 108MP camera. The Galaxy Note 20 base model probably won’t benefit from this sensor (although this still remains a remote possibility), and it is yet unclear whether the 108MP unit employed by the Galaxy Note 20+ will be the same one that’s being used by the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

One example in which the Note 20+ and S20 Ultra sensors could differ could be autofocus. The S20 Ultra has phase detection while lacking dual-pixel autofocus, but there’s no guarantee that the 108MP shooter on the Galaxy Note 20+ will have these exact same characteristics. Nevertheless, the technical details of the ISOCELL Bright HM1 should represent a solid overall baseline as to what to expect from the Galaxy Note 20+ 108MP camera.

This doesn’t tell us much about the Galaxy Note 20 series’ zoom

It’s worth reminding that the so-called Space Zoom technology flaunted by the Galaxy S20 Ultra is not enabled by the 108MP sensor but by the 48MP periscope telephoto shooter used exclusively by the Ultra model in the entire S20 lineup.

Whether or not the Galaxy Note 20+ will also have a Space Zoom lens remains unclear, but we don’t expect the upcoming series to include an Ultra model.

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