Galaxy Home Mini is one of Samsung’s last pieces to leak before Unpacked

Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones, along with the Galaxy Buds+, have been leaked far and wide, leaving very little to the imagination. By this point, it’s only natural to expect the same from the Galaxy Home Mini, and indeed, Samsung’s smart speaker has been featured in its own comprehensive gallery of leaked photos and videos just days before Unpacked in San Francisco.

Aside from the expected spherical shape covered in mesh, there’s not much to be said in regards to the exterior design. It has an LED light strip providing visual feedback when interacting with Bixby (as seen in the video below), but otherwise, the Galaxy Home Mini seems to blend in. And that’s likely a good thing given the fact that users will be able to pair multiple Home Minis together in different rooms.

The Galaxy Home Mini is a Bixby IoT hub with IR capabilities

A lot of Galaxy smartphone users were disappointed by Samsung’s decision to do away with the IR blaster, and although the feature is probably not going to make a comeback, we’ve known for a few months that Samsung is leveraging the Galaxy Home Mini to fill that void.

The Galaxy Home Mini can double as an IR remote for TVs, set-top boxes, and fans from various brands. And since it’s fully integrated with Bixby, users can issue voice commands to control these otherwise non-smart devices.

Other details include the ability to select a voice style for the AI assistant and choose the type of notifications you want to receive from other SmartThings devices registered to your Samsung account.

We’ll learn more about the Galaxy Home Mini’s features, price, and availability soon, so stay tuned, and until then, let us know what you think of Samsung’s smart speaker based on this preliminary leak.


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Too late to the party, why would i buy this when i already own google home hubs and minis in every room. Other people i know have gone down the alexa amazon route.


I don’t think they are to late to the party, more like you are an early adopter yourself.
Plenty people don’t have Alexa or other smart speakers yet and if you have a Samsungs, phone, telly, fridge etc. you might consider getting those as well


All considered why does Samsung spend money in the unpacked event? Might as well do a online event, since they fail at controlling leaks


You haven’t understood these events fully have you, it’s not like they are supposed to be like Xmas