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    Best offline games to play on Android when there’s no Wi-Fi


    Last updated: November 8th, 2022 at 14:12 UTC+01:00

    You might find yourself in any number of situations where offline games can help keep you company. You could be on a vacation completely unplugged from the internet, on a flight without Wi-Fi, on your daily commute to work, etc. There are many no Wi-Fi games that you can play on your Android smartphone to pass the time.

    Many of us can't imagine having to live without the internet these days. We expect free Wi-Fi in most public places so that we remain connected. Nobody likes burning through mobile data and games can consume it all in a heartbeat. You should avoid that and check out some of these best offline games to play on your Android phone.

    Best offline games for Android

    Monument Valley 2

    A personal favorite, Monument Valley 2 is an award-winning game with beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay. It's a worthy update over the original super hit game. The game challenges you to think outside the box to solve the puzzles and advance to the next level.

    You'll only need an internet connection when launching the game for the first time. It doesn't require an internet connection constantly for you to play for as long as you'd like.

    Download Monument Valley 2 from the Play Store

    Stardew Valley

    This is one of the best offline games in the farming simulator category. The gameplay might appear simple at first as you plant some crops and raise a couple of chickens, but it tends to get quite interesting and engaging really quickly.

    It works well as a casual game that you can spend hours playing when there's no internet. Stardew Valley will keep you interested in the game and you won't feel bored after playing it for a while.

    Download Stardew Valley from the Play Store

    Fallout Shelter

    Real-time strategy titles don't really make the best offline games but there are a few exceptions and Fallout Shelter is one such mobile game. It's based on Bethesda's popular Fallout series and has won several awards for its simple yet engaging gameplay.

    You'll be responsible for creating your own underground shelter and taking care of its residents. It's not as simple as it sounds, as you'll need to gather resources and build out all the necessities to protect the residents from the nuclear wasteland above. Sounds fun!

    Download Fallout Shelter from the Play Store

    Civilization VI – Build A City

    The mobile version of Civilization VI is another great strategy game that will keep you on your toes with a simulation that continues to grow. The map has many different cities, units, and territories complete with AI players to throw you a challenge.

    It's a great offline game to play on a device with a big screen. So even if you're not rocking the Galaxy Z Fold 3, you can always play this game on one of the best Samsung tablets on the market.

    Download Civilization VI – Build A City from the Play Store

    Alto’s Odyssey

    Some of you may remember Alto's Adventure as one of the best free offline games. Alto's Odyssey is also an endless runner like its predecessor but instead of snowboarding down a mountain, you'll be sandboarding through the desert.

    There will also be plenty of opportunities to grind that sandboard on rock walls. You can have a lot of fun with this game even when there's no Wi-Fi. The gameplay and the great soundtrack will keep you entertained for a long time.

    Download Alto’s Odyssey from the Play Store


    Minecraft is one of the most popular games across the globe and it makes a big contribution to Android gaming. The game lets you explore worlds that never end and lets you build anything and everything. You're only limited by your imagination.

    Spend countless hours building stuff in Minecraft offline and when you do have an internet connection, join a server or play with your friends for even more fun.

    Download Minecraft from the Play Store

    GRID Autosport

    If you like car racing games, you're going to love GRID Autosport. You can choose from different racing styles, tracks, and unique cars to race in. The graphics are great and it really doesn't feel like a watered-down racing game for mobile devices.

    It's not a free offline game, though. You'll need to pay $9.99 for the full game and that's it. There are no in-app purchases. Most racing games tend to be free but then they require in-app purchases. This title takes a refreshingly different approach.

    Download GRID Autosport from the Play Store

    Asphalt 8

    The Asphalt series from Gameloft has always given us some great racing games. Asphalt 8 is no different. 300+ licensed cars and motorbikes, race them on over 75 tracks both online and offline. Both single and multiplayer racing modes are available.

    The single-player option works great as a no Wi-Fi game but if you're looking to play with friends, connect to the internet and enjoy the multiplayer racing experience.

    Download Asphalt 8 from the Play Store

    Once Upon a Tower

    Become a princess to hack and slash your way out of a tower to escape the dragon. This is a great platformer that'll have you digging down to break free of the tower. Throughout the escape attempt, there will be plenty of monsters to battle and traps to avoid.

    Time is of the essence as well, since the dragon will set fire to everything if it finds out what's going on. You'll love the art style of this game and the various twists and turns that you'll have to negotiate. As far as offline games go, this one is quite exciting.

    Download Once Upon a Tower from the Play Store

    Sea Battle 2

    This is the digital reincarnation of the old board game Battleship that can be played offline. The concept is quite the same, you plot ships on a grid map and your opponent does the same. Once the missiles are shot at the coordinates, the objective is to sink all of your opponent's ships.

    You can play this game offline against the AI to improve your skills. It's also possible to play this title in multiplayer over Bluetooth, so you can play with a friend even without an internet connection. It also works as a turn based game so two people can take turns playing it on a single phone as well.

    Download Sea Battle 2 from the Play Store


    You can have a bit of space exploration fun on your phone with Morphite. This offline game will have you exploring unknown planets and battling mysterious creatures through your space journey. You'll appreciate the great graphics of this game and just how replayable it can be, ensuring that you never get bored of it.

    The free trial will give you limited access to the game but it will be enough to make up your mind about whether or not you want to purchase the full version. If that's something you want to do, it can easily be done through an in-app purchase.

    Download Morphite from the Play Store

    Vector: Parkour Run

    As far as side scrolling games go, Vector is tough to beat. It's one of the most engaging offline games to play with plenty of action and adventure to enjoy with this parkour-inspired title. You play as an exceptional free runner who is a rebel against the system.

    Run and use parkour techniques to beat the Big Brother who is on your tail trying to catch you. There are 40+ challenging levels to go through and even though the game is easy to learn, it's a bit more difficult to master.

    Download Vector: Parkour Run from the Play Store

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

    Star Wars and offline games are a match made in heaven, perhaps that's why there's now a Knights of the Old Republic 2! This game is set five years after the event of the original KOTR title and the Sith Lords have almost hunted the Jedi back to extinction.

    Your job as the lone Jedi is to prevent them from destroying the Old Republic. There's plenty of lightsaber action to enjoy as you go against the Sith Lords to save the galaxy.

    Download Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 from the Play Store


    This is another great platformer that will have you wandering through castles as you hone your skills as a warrior to take on enemies that lurk in the shadows. The graphics are really what make this one of the best offline games to have on your device.

    The first level is available for free and that's more than enough to find out if you're interested in the game. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase of $7. This game also supports controllers and once it's installed, it works perfectly as a no Wi-Fi game.

    Download Grimvalor from the Play Store

    Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

    It has been over a decade since the first Plants vs. Zombies game was released and several titles have been added to the series since then. Plants vs Zombies Heroes is another great addition. You'll collect Heroes with great super powers to build an incredible team.

    Find new characters and take on strong opponents along the way. For the first time ever, it's also possible to play as either plants or zombies.

    Download Plants vs Zombies Hereos from the Play Store

    These are some of the best paid and free offlines games that you can get on your Android device. There is plenty of variety on this list and you'll likely find a game that you love. If there's a title that you feel is one of the best offline games ever, please do share with us in the comments below!

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