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    Android 14 might make Samsung’s One UI 6.0 more colorful and vibrant


    Last updated: May 1st, 2023 at 13:10 UTC+02:00

    Samsung Galaxy devices that will get the One UI 6.0 update might enjoy an upgraded UI color palette. New evidence suggests that Google is upgrading the custom color capabilities of its Material You design language for Android 14. And needless to say, we might see similar changes in Samsung's One UI 6.0 update.

    Google recently teased new color capabilities in Material You. The Twitter teaser post contained a short clip that offered a concept sneak preview on the next evolutionary step of the color palette feature in Material You.

    Internally, this new color design style in Android 14 is called “Fidelity.” And as the name implies, Google intends the color palette in the next big Android OS version to reflect the user's wallpaper more accurately, using better and sometimes more vibrant colors and higher contrasts.

    Although these features don't yet exist in beta builds of Android 14, 9to5Google discovered that this new style is partly available in Google's open-source code. But only time will tell whether or not the Material You name will be replaced by “Fidelity” or if Google will merge these monikers and land on the “Material You Fidelity” designation.

    One UI 6.0 may offer richer color palette options

    At its core, Fidelity in Android 14 is similar to Material You's color palette. It allows users to set UI colors that match their wallpapers. However, the new system handles colors differently.

    As the screenshots above exemplify, Fidelity (right) leans more into color contrasts and vibrant choices. Material You (left) tones down the original red color, whereas Fidelity accurately adds the chosen red color to more UI elements, such as the favorite star-shaped button and the color picker button in the lower-right corner. Needless to say, Fidelity should give users more control over their color options, and the options they will get should reflect their wallpapers better.

    As for Galaxy device users, because Samsung's color palette feature in One UI is based on the Material You style in Android OS, likely, One UI 6.0 will also benefit from an upgraded “Fidelity” color palette feature. One UI 6.0 may give Galaxy device users even more control over how their UIs look according to their wallpapers of choice.

    Samsung may release One UI 6.0 later this year. If recent history is any indication, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Z Flip 5 might not ship with One UI 6.0, especially if they go live in late July instead of August. But the company may upgrade the Galaxy S23 series and other phone and tablet models to Android 14 and One UI 6.0 before the end of the year.