Watch the latest episode of our 3 Topics in 30 Minutes YouTube show!

We have been doing a lot of interesting things over on our official YouTube channel. You can find video reviews for several new devices there in addition to our weekly live shows. We recently launched a new talk show titled 3 topics in 30 minutes, where we discuss three of the most interesting and recent developments related to Samsung devices and also the tech industry in general.

The latest episode of the show is now live and embedded below. This time, we start off talking about the possibility of the Galaxy Note 10 featuring a camera with a three-stage aperture. We also discuss whether we’ll see the Galaxy Fold coming back to the market (spoiler alert: it’s certainly coming at some point!) and the upcoming Galaxy Watch 2, the successor to the lovely Galaxy Watch that debuted alongside the Galaxy Note 9 last year.

This episode may be the last one we do for a couple of weeks as we get ready for a summer break here in the Netherlands, but we’ll be back with more discussions soon so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel; don’t forget to hit the bell icon after you subscribe so you get an instant email notification every time a new video goes up.

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“as we get ready for a summer break here in the Netherlands”

How long ?