Samsung’s new power controller chips support 100W fast-charging

Samsung has announced the launch of two new USB Type-C power delivery (PD) controllers. The new SE8A and MM101 PD controllers support up to 100W of power, the company said. Samsung’s current super fast charging in the Galaxy S10 5G supports 25W of power.

Samsung says its new PD controllers can be used for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors. It has already begun the mass production of SE8A. The MM101 is currently sampling with the company’s clients.

First PD controller to embed Secure Element

SE8A is the first PD controller to combine a Secure Element (CC EAL5+ equivalent) with a power controller into a single chip. This allows for some extra measures of protection, such as security key storage, and compact encoding and decoding sensitive data within a device. The SE8A also supports USB Type-C Authentication, effectively preventing misuse of unapproved products. These measures will prevent hacking of the device during charging.

The MM101, meanwhile, supports a symmetric encryption algorithm for product authentication. Safety measures include moisture sensing capabilities to ensure safer charging conditions. Both chips also come with over-voltage protection. The new chips meet the latest USB specification for fast-charging, USB-PD 3.0, to deliver the optimum amount of power for more efficient charging. They also have embedded Flash (eFlash), allowing manufacturers to update the software to meet the latest specifications without hardware modification.


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“These measures will prevent hacking of the device during charging.”

What ? How it is possible ?

How many W support old PD from Samsung ?

“Safety measures include moisture sensing capabilities to ensure safer charging conditions”

Samsung phones from S7 can detect moisture in port.

Maybe it will come to the Note 10 ?

Ok. Samsung now have PD, but they don’t have baterries that support 100W charging.

“SE8A and MM101”

What is difference between these two ?


Note 10?