Galaxy S10 5G is coming to Australia next week

Along with the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+, Samsung also launched the Galaxy S10 5G at the Unpacked event in February. However, unlike the rest of the lineup, the latter model didn’t go on sale immediately. With 5G networks going live in select parts of the world, Samsung is now making the Galaxy S10 5G available for purchase in those markets.

After launching the S10 5G in the US last week, Samsung is bringing it to Australia next. The flagship device will hit the shelves in the country starting May 28 through Telstra and Samsung Experience Stores. When it goes on sale, it will be the first 5G-enabled smartphone to launch in the country. Australian pricing for the Galaxy S10 5G is yet to be revealed.

Telstra customers will get a free upgrade to the Galaxy S10 5G

Telstra customers will get a free upgrade to the Galaxy S10 5G as promised if they purchased their S10+ during the offer period earlier this year. They will have 21 days from May 28 to get the free upgrade. It’s a sweet deal for customers as the S10 5G not only supports next-generation networks but also sports more powerful internals than the Galaxy S10+.

It’s worth noting that Telstra will be rolling out 5G in select high-traffic areas initially before deploying it more widely. So, if you are planning to buy the Galaxy S10 5G, first check whether Telstra is bringing its 5G network to your area anytime soon. The Australian carrier plans to announce 5G mobile plans closer to the launch date. Given that 5G networks are still in nascent stages, the benefits may not be immediately apparent, but that will change as these networks become more common.

“The Galaxy S10 5G is designed to perform at a level that we have never before seen in a Samsung device. From its 3D Depth Camera to 5G network capability, we’re delivering the ultimate in terms of innovation, design, and experience,” said Garry McGregor, Vice President of IT and Mobile, Samsung Australia, commenting on the launch.

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  • It's up for pre order now in the UK.
    And at £1,099 I'm surprised. Its not fully spec'd out. 8GB with 256GB - sure, it's plenty of both. And not as expensive as the 12GB and 1TB S10+ but I thought it was 10GB RAM and 512GB minimum configuration for the unique device.
    Also - it's £69 a month for 30GB of 5G data... I mean, what's the point of 2Gps download speed and 4K streaming it you barely have enough to watch a 4K/HDR movie on Netflix. I'm definitely not jumping on the 5G wagon this year! Lol

  • Hanging out for Next Tuesday, when I can swap out my S10+ for the S10 5G. Telstra have enabled 5G on the tower that services my house, so keen for some speed tests.

  • Lucky for Aussies! While here in NZ we don't have any pre-orders on it lol.