Using Samsung Pay with Opal Readers in Australia is now easier than ever

Breezing through Opal terminals in Australia is now easier than ever, thanks to a recent update to Samsung Pay that lets commuters tap their handset on the barrier while their device is locked — which is not the case with the near-identical Oyster ticketing terminals in London, England.

Prior to the release, customers had to unlock their device before they could tap their handset on the Opal Reader. That’s far from a deal-breaker, but it is an unnecessary step when market rival G Pay, for example, lets you initiate the transaction by holding a locked device on the Reader.

Now, however, commuters in New South Wales, Australia can tap their device on any Opal Reader at any Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink Intercity, Light Rail or Sydney Ferries station to gain access to the facilities, without having to unlock it first — much like they would an Opal or credit card.

In London, England, customers have to unlock their device before they can use it to pass through an Oyster terminal. Samsung says that should change in the future, though, with Australia being the first to receive the feature that lets them tap-in, then back out, while their handset is locked.

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