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    Udemy Online Courses – learn how to create apps for Android


    Last updated: April 19th, 2019 at 10:56 UTC+02:00

    On the brink of the 21st century, computer architecture and software skills have become essential. With widespread and growing access to the internet and its untold powers, harnessing the ‘untold’ seems the necessary next step. Three decades ago had you wanted to learn about the on-goings of a computer, you would have had to make your way to the library for hours on end to understand the basics. Today, many alternative exist for those looking to learn about the cogs that make the silicon era tick. Udemy is a front-runner for the cause.

    Udemy’s initiative

    Udemy is intended for those trying to pursue a hobby professionally, through the aid of professionals. Founded in 2007 by Turkish entrepreneurs Gagan Bayani, Eren Bali and Oktay Caglar and blowing up eventually in 2010, Udemy provides the most pristine solutions to our modern problems by providing world renowned professionals to create courses and make it available at large. With a selection of over a 100,000 courses and a third of them being in computers and related topics, Udemy’s online courses make information and skills of a professional available at the palm of your hands.

    Courses may take a few hours but the workload at which their content can be undertaken varies greatly. Coupled with the density of the information needed to take in, it is wise to give it time. A phrase as old as time had spouted – practice makes perfect, and that is certainly the case here. It’s likely to keep you busy for a few months if you are as adept as you think to be. Most courses are cheaper than an academic textbook for the semester. In addition, they are always curated by the best. The best in the business, that is: Revered professionals from highly sought after institutions and private corporations.

    Only the most well-known freelancers, those with the shiny certificates or bulging pockets put aside 5-30 hours of their time to indulge you. Let’s take you in on their secrets and their greatest achievements. Ready when you are, laid back in the living room or in your bed, all at your fingertips; any screen and lifetime access are perks that don’t hurt either.

    Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

    Android has been the world’s front-runner in terms of sales and users since 2011 as an operating system. An OS for mobile and tablet devices, it's now branching into computers and even wearable tech. It was originally developed by Google for utilization of their platform on handheld devices. The platform is based on a modified Linux-based UI/Unix and written in JAVA/ C/ C++. Initially released in 2008, Android is officially the world’s most famous user interface.

    For those looking for an Android development course, the range is more than you can chew. By following these courses you will be able to create apps to run on your own Samsung Galaxy device! There are over 1,000 courses on the platform from world renowned experts and freelancers.

    Some of the best

    • Rob Percival, if you aren’t familiar with him already, has overseen development on many of your social media apps. Snapchat and Whatsapp just to name drop two. He will walk you through 272 lectures over 32.5 hours. This will help to make you no less than fluent in Android Nougat.
    • Android and Java Masterclass taught by Tim Buchalka – With support for 23 different sorts of applications and their development, this is the most comprehensive course out of the bunch. With over 226 lectures, this course will be the most bang your buck can get.
    • Bootcamp by Philipp Muellauer – This top rated course has been perfected for over 4 years of refining. The curriculum is extensive and is over 10 hours requiring no previous knowledge of Android. Perfect for novices and beginners alike.
    • Android Oreo Complete Course – Nick Walter and Rob Percival – Expert level knowledge at hand with Java programming language and the processes of Android Oreo. The course is regularly updated and comprehensive enough to develop 7 apps.
    • Kotlin Masterclass for Android – This course is for those looking to have a ton of fun while developing. Classes in development of apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat are accompanied by Super Mario Run processes.
    Galaxy AI summarized

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