Samsung CEO confident that the Galaxy S10 will meet your expectations

The Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship and fans have a lot of expectations from the device. It does appear to be promising based on what we know so far. The CEO of Samsung’s mobile division DJ Koh believes that the Galaxy S10 will meet the expectations of customers.

Koh’s comments come less than a month from the unveiling of the Galaxy S10. The company has confirmed it will launch the device on February 20 in San Francisco. There’s also a good chance that the much awaited foldable smartphone will be launched there as well.

Galaxy S10 will meet your expectations, says Koh

Speaking to The Investor, Koh said that “I will try my best to meet the expectations of consumers who have been waiting for our products.” He’ll be leading the event on February 20 where Samsung is to unveil three Galaxy S10 models and likely the foldable smartphone as well.

The Galaxy S10 is going to be a smartphone of firsts for Samsung. It will be the first flagship with an Infinity-O display, the first with a 5G model and likely Samsung’s first phone with 12GB of RAM. As we have exclusively revealed before, it will also be the first to come with Samsung’s cryptocurrency service for smartphones.

Samsung has not confirmed the foldable phone’s launch for February 20 but has dropped some hints that it might happen. A company executive recently confirmed that the device is on track to be launched in the first half of 2019. There’s little reason to believe right now that Samsung’s foldable smartphone won’t be unveiled on February 20 in San Francisco.

DJ has been leading Samsung’s Unpacked events since 2016. There has been some speculation recently about his future as the CEO given the mobile division’s recent struggles. The conglomerate has reposed its confidence in his abilities to steer the mobile division out of troubled waters. Whether or not the Galaxy S10 and the foldable phone will be able to do that remains to be seen.

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