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    [Poll Results!] Ultra-wide vs Live Focus (bokeh) pictures: Which would you prefer more?


    Last updated: February 6th, 2019 at 08:36 UTC+01:00

    Ultra-wide cameras seem to be one of Samsung's primary weapons in the company's fight against the Chinese competition. Samsung was the first manufacturer to put an ultra-wide camera on a mid-range phone, and today, the company has unveiled the budget Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. Both the M10 and M20 are quite impressively priced and an ultra-wide camera is a common feature across both. Until now, the second rear camera on Samsung's phones was about zoom and/or Live Focus bokeh pictures, but the focus seems to have now shifted to allowing users to take wider pictures.

    Of course, with triple camera or quad camera setups, you can have both ultra-wide and Live Focus capabilities. But for budget phones, Samsung is probably going to have to take a call and choose between the two. Ultra-wide imaging is what the company has decided on for now, and we think it's a better use of a dual camera setup, especially since Live Focus is something that can be implemented via software as well. What about you, though? Which of the two would you prefer if you had to choose between an ultra-wide camera and a camera that can take bokeh pictures?

    Tell us by voting in the poll below, and you have some thoughts to share, do let us know in the comments!

    Results: It seems we have a tie, as 45 percent of voters say they like to take Live Focus pictures and 45 percent say they'd like it for ultra-wide pictures. 7 percent of voters are interested in neither, while 4 percent wonder why we don't have zoom cameras on budget phones. Well, no one can say why, but with Samsung now taking a lot of interest in the budget segment, we may yet see a budget phone with a telephoto lens in the near future.

    Ultra-wide vs Live Focus (bokeh) pictures: Which would you prefer more?