New Samsung AI centers may be opened in Switzerland and Germany

Samsung AI centers have been operating across the globe for over a year now. The company views artificial intelligence as a future growth driver and is investing billions of dollars to develop new solutions. It has gradually been opening up new locations across the globe. Samsung is working towards its stated goal of hiring 1,000 artificial intelligence specialists by 2020.

According to a new report out of South Korea, Samsung could open new AI centers in Switzerland and Germany this year. They will join a network that spans key locations across the globe such as Seoul, Moscow, Silicon Valley and Cambridge.

New Samsung AI centers to be opened in pursuit of 2020 goal

Samsung last opened a new AI center just three months ago in Montreal. It’s the second in Canada and the fourth in North America. Others in this region are located in New York, Silicon Valley and Toronto.

The company presented its vision for artificial intelligence at the opening event of this facility. It’s working to develop a highly personalized multi-device AI platform that allows interaction through multiple touchpoints. This will allow users to interact with the AI not just with voice but with vision and touch as well.

A company official told The Korea Herald that “Samsung will open additional AI centers this year to attract more AI experts, and the places under consideration include Switzerland and Germany.” If it opens up shop in these two locations it will be a total of nine AI centers. The official did acknowledge that Samsung is facing difficulty in scouting the best AI talent since competitors like Google and Amazon are also in the market for the best AI researchers.

Each AI center is to have at least 100 experts while some bigger centers could hire more. This will enable Samsung to reach its goal of having 1,000 AI specialists by next year. It hasn’t been an easy task, though, as the official said only 45 percent of that goal has been met so far.

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