Samsung’s cheapest fast wireless charger is coming soon

A month ago, the Korean media revealed that Samsung might be bringing wireless charging to non-flagship Galaxy phones. It’s uncertain if and when that will happen, but the Korean giant now has a more affordable fast wireless charger to sell us. A new fast wireless charger with model code EP-P1100 is now listed on Samsung’s website with a price tag of €34.99.

Samsung wireless chargers to become more affordable

Samsung’s existing fast wireless charging pad costs €59.99 at the moment, while the Wireless Charger Duo that the company launched with the Galaxy Note 9 is priced at €99.99. That makes the new €34.99 charger the cheapest wireless charger yet from Samsung. Its specs are the same as the older fast wireless charging pad, but it has a slimmer and more compact design. It runs off a USB Type-C cable, which is to be expected. However, you can’t purchase this charger just yet, although that shouldn’t be the case for long since Samsung has already listed the price.

It also remains to be seen if budget or mid-range phones with wireless charging support will join the Galaxy lineup anytime soon, and whether the first such model will have fast charging support. It probably will have fast charging support, as it’s a feature that makes Galaxy phones stand out from the competition. Again, nothing is certain at the moment, but if you have been eyeing one of Samsung’s fast wireless chargers for your flagship Galaxy phone, you may soon be able to get one for cheap.

Samsung wireless charger

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I have already purchased one 25$.
I am from morocco. 🇲🇦