Samsung widens its lead in the US premium TV segment

Despite the launch of OLED TVs from rivals, Samsung continues to dominate the premium TV segment with its QLED offerings, thanks to the company’s brand value, aggressive marketing, and an extensive distribution network. The company’s strategy for high-end TVs seems to be working exceedingly well in the US if we go by the latest market share data.

According to a report from the US firm NPD, Samsung reportedly held 34 percent premium TV market share in the US as of August 2018. Even after launching many critically acclaimed OLED TVs, LG had to settle for the second place with 15 percent market share, followed by Vizio and Sony at 11 percent each.

Samsung performed particularly well in the $2,500 and above segment with 44 percent market share, up from 27 percent during the same period last year. Sony secured the second spot with 33 percent market share, while LG came in third with 23 percent. Samsung is estimated to have crossed the 50% mark in the month of September.

MicroLED TVs will strengthen Samsung’s portfolio

The numbers look even better for Samsung in the 75-inch or larger TV category with over 57 percent market share – a sizeable increase from the 43 percent share last year. Sony is placed second with 25 percent market share – less than half of Samsung’s. With the arrival of the new 8K QLED TVs from Samsung, the company’s share in this category is bound to expand even further.

Interestingly, Samsung accomplished all of this with a “relatively-inferior” QLED technology. The company is planning to launch technologically superior MicroLED TVs in the coming months to counter the OLED offerings from rivals. When that happens, you can expect Samsung’s market share in premium TVs to soar even higher.

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