Leaked render shows off the Galaxy Note 9 in Lilac Purple

Another day, another Galaxy Note 9 leaked render. We have seen a few of these already in addition to live photos of the handset. Samsung won’t be surprising anyone on August 9 as far as the design of this handset is concerned.

The latest leaked render of the Galaxy Note 9 shows that it will more or less be business as usual in the design department. What it does show is how the Lilac Purple color will look on the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 in Lilac Purple

Samsung introduced the Lilac Purple color with the Galaxy S9 earlier this year and it has been well received. It’s not surprising to see that the company will be offering its next flagship in this new color as well.

This leaked render shows off the Galaxy Note 9 in Lilac Purple. The handset looks good in it. No new observations can be made in the device, though. It will look almost identical to the Galaxy Note 8 from the front. There are some noticeable changes at the back. The housing for the horizontal dual camers is new while the fingerprint sensor is now placed below the camera sensors.

We recently reported that the Galaxy Note 9 will be available in five colors at launch and Lilac Purple is one of them. The others include black, gray, blue and a new brown color.

As for when the Galaxy Note 9 will be available, reports suggest that the handset will be released on August 24 once pre-orders begin on August 14. This hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung as yet. The company will confirm pricing and availability information for the device at its August 9 event in New York.

The Galaxy Note 9 may not be the only device that Samsung unveils on August 9. Word on the street is that the much awaited Galaxy Watch may also be unveiled on the same day at the same event. Not only that, it’s also expected to be released on August 24 as well.

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      • Yes. I saw that. But it is very hard to find it in text. Sometimes in text there are a lot of link to sammobile.com, so I need to check every link to find source link.
        But it is nothing important, so not problem at all.

  • Forgive me if I'm wrong but it looks slightly wider compared to Note 8. Hoping so

    • Just like the S9 is wider than the S8. Its probably to avoid any image/video cropping.

  • Note8 looks better on the back, even if some people dislike the fingerprint sensor placement in a right position... I find it quite well and like it much than how it looks on the S9/S9+ and the upcoming Note9. Once again... the fingerprint sensor location on the Note8 is perfect for me! It is very responsive... just touch and the phone wakes up and unlocks It's more logical because it's next to the heart-rate sensor... where you put the finger too, when you're doing a measurement. Now... you put the finger on completely different location when unlocking and when measuring the heart-rate... Bad design for me. Anyway, I will probably upgrade my Note8 to the Note10 which will hopefully have a front-facing under the display finger-print... much better than the bad location like on the S9/Note9. It's just my opinion but I dislike it! I don't even like that location on other manufacturer's phone too!