Galaxy S10 features will include an in-display fingerprint sensor

There’s already a fair bit of speculation about the Galaxy S10 features given that it’s the 10th anniversary model of Samsung’s flagship series. The company is expected to pull out all the stops and launch a revolutionary device next year. One of the new Galaxy S10 features is said to be an in-display fingerprint sensor that some have been expecting Samsung to introduce with the Galaxy Note 9 later this year.

It has been rumored for the past couple of years that Samsung will integrate an in-display fingerprint sensor into its flagship smartphones. It’s yet to do that and while many were holding out on hope that the company would do that with the Galaxy Note 9, that may not be the case.

Galaxy S10 features

There have been conflicting reports over the past couple of months that the Galaxy Note 9 will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. It was also reported two months ago that Samsung would make a final decision on this in the near future and it appears the company has made a decision.

Samsung has reportedly informed its suppliers that it has abandoned its plan to introduce the sensor with the Galaxy Note 9 in favor of introducing it with the Galaxy S10 next year. Samsung won’t be the first company to bring a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor to market but its technology will be superior to the one that Chinese OEMs are using.

An optical sensor works by capturing reflected fingerprints between and through the OLED pixels. The sensor is easier to implement but not as accurate. Samsung is developing an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor itself which will be much more accurate.

It works by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse against the finger some of which is absorbed and some sent back to the sensor through the minute details such as pores and ridges that are unique to every fingerprint. This allows for additional depth data to be collected which results in a very accurate 3D reproduction of the fingerprint, thus ensuring higher accuracy.

Samsung is reportedly developing this ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor itself and aims to use it in devices other than smartphones as well, such as home appliances, smart home devices and even automobiles.

It’s too soon for the company to confirm when it’s going to unveil the Galaxy S10 but there are whispers on the street that the Galaxy S10 could be unveiled at CES 2019 in January as the MWC 2019 slot will be kept for the elusive foldable smartphone.

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  • Just give me 5.8 screen in a small form factor smaller than the s8 in terms of height but keep the width and depth the same.

    also give me 8gb ram, triple camera at 16mp, 128gb internal, 4000mah batter and fps under the screen

    • Why 8GB? Why Triple Camera? - Google and Samsung have proven you can get great performance with a SINGLE camera and 6GB RAM, 4 would be fine if you didn't have Bixby.
      128GB with SD Card?
      4000mAh in a SMALL form factor?
      Sure, show me a pig that flies with gold plated wings while you're at it.

      • like they say more is better!

        the s9 single camera is not that much different from the s8 and very disappointing with my usage as this has not proven to be anything significant even over the s7 single lens. Having 3 on the p20 pro has proven to be the way forward.

        why more Ram? because definitely 4 is not enough especially when you want to use the full screen resolution and not FD+ and to keep memory in app.

        why not have bigger battery? they have made the board smaller now with the 7nm tech as well as the multiple layer stack so they could deploy an l shape battery design to increase the size.

        gold plated big, i don't have but a washed & waxed bmw maybe lol

  • I'm hanging on to my S6 works just fine and after having cell phones since August 1989 I've learned to be more than patient.

  • We hear the same crap news since the Note 8. Haven't the news creators over here learned the lesson to stop spreading the same kind of crap rumours every year?

  • I have been blessed with a Galaxy S9 Plus 128 GB and it's the best smartphone I have owned till date and I have owned almost all Samsung's flagships since the S4. And this S9 Plus has been the best. The best form factor, the best display and the best sound. May God give me the grace to be content with this at least for the next two years and not covet another phone till then.

  • I want small bezels. Samsung has now the biggest bezels in the top cellphones makers

  • Currently popular location of this sensor behind the phone is so practical and fast that no other alternative is really required.. Discussion of this insignificant feature with every new model has already lost the interest of most of the people.