Samsung shakes up its leadership with three new CEOs

Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh-hyun recently announced that he was going to step down from his position. He said that amid the “unprecedented crisis” that the company faced, it was time for a new leadership to take the reins.

The company today announced his replacement. Samsung Electronics previously had three co-CEOs, the other two being Boon Boo-keun (BK Yoon) and Shin Jong-kyun (JK Shin). Both of them are resigning as well. Samsung Electronics now has three new co-CEOs. All new appointments are effective immediately.

Samsung’s New CEOs

Samsung confirmed today that it’s going to maintain the current co-CEO management structure. Samsung Electronics Presidents Kinam Kim, Hyunsuk (HS) Kim and Dongjin (DJ) Koh will succeed Kwon, Yoon and Shin as heads of the Device Solutions, Consumer Electronics and IT & Mobile Communications divisions respectively.

BK Yoon and JK Shin took a step back from direct control in 2015 and they’re now resigning altogether. This paves the way for an entirely new leadership to take control of Samsung Electronics, the crown jewel of the Samsung empire.

Kim Ki-nam has served as the CEO of Samsung Display. He has also ran the memory division and is already responsible for the semiconductor business. Kim Hyun-suk has been described by Samsung as an expert in display technology, leading the company’s efforts to dominate the global TV market. DJ Koh was the head of mobile R&D before he took over as the boss of the mobile division from JK Shin in 2015.

“The next generation of leaders are well suited to accelerate the pace of innovation and address the demands of the connected world. They have proven track records with extensive experience and outstanding expertise in their fields,” Kwon said.


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Still No Update in India.. it is with 1st August Security patch… It seems that Note 8 Sales in India is low so samsung do not want to focus that area. so Updates are stopped for Note 8. Most importantly app are force closed… Samsung still did not concentrate on it.


So who’s now head of mobile R&D ?


As long as they do not get rid of the headphone jack, we’re fine! That being said, I can easily see them blaming the removal of the headphone jack on this new leadership approach. Worried about the future of Samsung devices.