Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh wants to rebuild consumer trust after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh has been under immense pressure following the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. He has now vowed, at any cost, to find the exact cause of fire and explosions in the smartphone to restore consumers’ trust so that they can use the company’s products without any safety concerns in the future.

Mr. Koh, who has been heading the company’s mobile division since December 2014, has apologized and expressed his gratitude to Samsung’s employees for their support during tough times. The company’s employees have reportedly put up a series of posts on an internal online message board to support the company and its president. It is also being reported that Mr. Koh could be evicted from his post to hold him responsible for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco which has been caused by below-par quality control.

The current president of Samsung’s mobile division took charge after his predecessor JK Shin stepped down. Mr. Shin currently oversees the Information Technology & Mobile Communications division that has the mobile business under its arm but has stepped back from day-to-day operations.

DJ Koh, who joined Samsung in 1984, has played a key role in innovating some of the features used in the Note series of smartphones such as the S Pen. He has also contributed in bringing technologies such as Samsung Pay in the company’s smartphones and wearables. Samsung has announced earlier this week that it will stop shipping and producing the Galaxy Note 7.

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