Samsung smart appliances will be synced with Kakao’s artificial intelligence platform

Samsung announced a month ago that it’s working with Kakao Corp. on artificial intelligence and voice recognition. Kakao Corp. operates the most popular mobile messager in South Korea and it has been building its own AI platform. It has been revealed today that the Kako I artificial intelligence platform will be synced with Samsung’s smart appliances to create smart services.

This integration with the Kakao I platform will enable users to control Samsung’s smart appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners via its KakaoTalk messenger and AI speaker Kakao Mi.

Samsung and Kakao I

The very first service that Samsung and Kakao will work on allows users to remotely turn on the air conditioner from anywhere using the aforementioned means. The compatibility will later be expanded to enable users to give simple orders to activate multiple tasks at the same time.

For example, they can configure multiple smart appliances to turn on or off at the same time in response to a command. This covers appliances like robot vacuums and air purifiers.

This is part of an expanding collaboration between Samsung and Kakao. Bixby users in South Korea will now see Kako I-based content and will be able to use its lifestyle services. Kakao I users will be able to activate services using Bixby voice commands.


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