Verizon Galaxy S8 Blueborne fix rolled out

The Blueborne fix has gradually been rolled out for more devices over the past couple of weeks. Today, the Verizon Galaxy S8 Blueborne fix has been released. The largest carrier in the United States has now patched the Bluetooth-based vulnerability on the Galaxy S8 that affects a plethora of Android-powered devices.

Blueborne is actually a Bluetooth vulnerability that exposes users’ devices to the risk of being taken over by hackers. An attacker can remotely pair with their device even if it’s not in discoverable mode. It’s possible to remotely execute malicious code in order to steal data without the user ever knowing about it.

Verizon Galaxy S8 Blueborne fix

Firmware version G950USQS1AQI6 is now being rolled out for the Galaxy S8 on Verizon. It’s only a matter of time before the carrier rolls out a similar update for the Galaxy S8+ as well.

This firmware update brings the Verizon Galaxy S8 Blueborne fix. It’s rolling out to Verizon customers today. The update is available for download from our firmware section as well.

However, it doesn’t update the security patch to September. The device will remain on the August security patch. However, given that Samsung detailed the October 2017 security patch today, it may not be long before the latest security release arrives.

Expect Verizon to release the Blueborne fix for additional Samsung handsets in its lineup soon. It has already released the fix for devices like the Galaxy Note Edge a couple of weeks ago.

Verizon Galaxy S8 Blueborne fix

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Slightly unrelated to the article’s content but god damn, that red head on the left of the picture… <3

Ron Josiah
Ron Josiah

I just got the fix for my S8+ yesterday.